You’ve found Rome buddy in safe before you travel

The information guide to Rome everyone’s talking about… Well, two or three people anyway. And two of those are in Alaska.
Oh well, I’ll just take this opportunity anyway to say “Hi, Mom, I’m in Rome!”, and if anyone else out there is listening, let me just say welcome to the wackiest guide to Rome on the Internet. Before we start, we would like to recommend a recently visited highlight of Turkey for cappadocia and pamukkale tours

I have been intending to visit Turkey but could not get a chance due to some financial shortage. At last i have decided and realised why so many people keep saying about this wonderful country full of contrasts. Now let’s get back to our normal job and tell more about Rome:)

We hope you’ll enjoy all the ‘insider’ tourist information we’ve put together for you. We live in Rome, see? So we know a few things, a lot of them learned the hard way, and Rome-Buddy’s Guide to Rome is the result. We’ve tried to jam in pretty much all the tourist information and advice about Rome you may ever need to know, including maps, notes on the culture, metro subway transport information, pictures of real life on the street (not the kind they show you in the tourist brochures) and an online hotel reservation prices and booking service for any of you really itching to get over here and torture yourselves with Italian cooking and Armani jeans, (both of which you could probably get cheaper at home anyway – What do you wanna come to Italy for?)

But our information about Rome doesn’t end there… We’ve also got advice and tips for those of you considering moving to, living and working in Rome, or Italy in general. (Excuse me a minute while I fix myself a cheese sandwich, will you? Mmmm! Cheddar on toast. Much better than mozzarella and prosciutto crudo any day). Oh, yeah, I know what you’re thinking – Why would anyone go to all the trouble of building a great big website that’s a guide to Rome, but slams Italian food?

Well, Somebody had to…

Out of two million international visitors to Rome each year, do you suppose for one second that every single one of them have the perfect holiday? Of course not. And food poisoning is just one of a thousand things that can go wrong when you visit a foreign country.

The good thing about a bad holiday though, is that it’s not forever. You’ll be home again in a couple of weeks, happily pigging out again on hamburger and fries or fish and chips.

But some of us have to stay in Italy a bit longer than that. Your employer has probably posted you here. Or you’re studying. Or, worst of all fates, you’ve married an Italian!

So whether you’re going to be moving to Rome for a lifetime, or just for two weeks on vacation, or even for just a couple of days or hours, to work or play, Romebuddy is for you. Romebuddy is the website you know in the city you don’t.
We live here. We’ve been here, done this, tripped over that, etc, etc… We’ve made a lot of mistakes trying to settle into Italy, and we’ve tried to learn from them, and everything we’ve learned we’ve now put on this website – for you.

Romebuddy website has been on the internet since the muddy Roman spring of 1997. So we celebrated fifteen years on the Web this year. That’s a long time for a website, and a long time to be discovering and writing about Rome. Makes us one of the oldest established sites on the world wide web. Well, no, that’s an exaggeration of course. We’re not quite back with the early adapters – but it does nearly peg us back with the first wave of suckers who thought they were gonna make a lot of money off the internet….
Fifteen years on, and we still haven’t made any money from this, but we have learned a lot about Rome.
 Romebuddy website is now packed fuller with information than ever before. Because this is an information site. And that’s what you’re here for right? Information. About Rome.

So welcome to Romebuddy website. It’s pretty easy to get around, easier than getting around Rome itself in fact! (Lucky you’ve found yourself a buddy in Rome now though, right?):

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