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  "on your deathbed, the thing you will most remember about your time          
spent in Rome is that at least one person there gave you a hard time"







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Rome Buddy has been on the Internet since 1997 as a steadily updated        
source of tourist information about Rome, compiled specially for Americans        
or anyone else who speaks English brilliantly but not much Italian, and finds themself        
stranded in Rome, either by accident or design. Rome-Buddy understands the needs        
of non-Europeans. We've information on getting around Rome on your holiday and enjoying        
living and working in Italy - Rome in particular, and we also offer an online hotel booking        
reservation service and price guide. We are expatriates living here in Rome so we've got        
realistic advice and information about shopping and local customs, handling restaurants, hotels,        
apartments, Roman driving, taxis and public transport. We advise not merely on where to shop        
but how to shop, sightseeing tips, HUGE scale maps of the streets of Rome and we've even        
a guide on where to find a clean public washroom, as well as information about British        
and American embassies and consulates. We've also advice for those not just on        
vacation - In-depth expatriate observations and details on how expatriates living,        
working or studying in Rome can settle in, deal with the legalities of residency in Italy,        
live like a Roman, and get a life in Rome. Not just a tourist guide, and more than just        
another Roman Holiday - Rome-Buddy is the site you know in the city you don't!        

   Last updated September 13th 2008        













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Metro Linea B will NOT be running
from 6.30 PM Saturday night, April 28th 2012
until Monday morning April 30th.

(No B-Line trains all Sunday, or Saturday night)